About Us

Remix Institute is a data science, machine learning, and AI technology company which provides machine learning software, consulting services, and training. The founders of Remix Institute have successfully launched and managed data science and AI initiatives at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, Silicon Valley tech companies, and startups.  With a combined three decades of experience across several business verticals, they know what works and what doesn’t.

AI Software Development

The demand for AI solutions continues to grow and the supply of qualified professionals isn’t keeping up. While more candidates are eager to enter the profession, managers are beginning to realize that they need data science rock stars to truly make an impact, and those professionals are limited and hard to acquire.

At Remix Institute, we recognize this challenge, and it’s why we develop a range of AI-driven software applications to assist business leaders, data scientists, analysts, and front line staff to take advantage of AI, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Analytics, and Data Insights. We build software applications for AI Automation, from fully developed Prefabricated AI Augmentations (Prefab AI) for common business problems to customized solutions specific to the needs of your business.

AI Consulting

The consulting arm of Remix Institute offers a range of services to help businesses at any step in their AI journey.

  • Advisory services
  • Strategy and road map development
  • Team building
  • AI and analytics infrastructure development
  • AI use-case execution
  • Training


We’ve helped clients hash out the right goals, timelines, and long-term visions for their AI initiatives. This is a critical step towards generating sustainable ROI year after year.


If your company has already identified its goals and long-term vision, we can help connect your current state to the desired state in an optimal manner. Not surprisingly, the order of operations matter. Making a big splash upfront and scaling up at the right time can save years of effort over time.


Building a winning team depends on various circumstances, organizationally speaking.
Should the team be absorbed in an existing organization? If so, which organization should it be? Should there be multiple teams or a single team? If multiple, how should the team be split? How do you identify the right people to lead and execute on these teams? These are not easy questions to answer, and unfortunately most companies are not doing this right.


Early in a team’s existence, ROI delivery is critical. Without solid returns in the beginning, the team’s existence remains in jeopardy. Once your team has overcome this hurdle, how do you scale the operations to keep maintenance costs low and how do you reduce time-to-delivery for future solutions? Investing in AI infrastructure will enable you to win in the long-run but what areas should you focus on? How much time and money should you invest? What are the right technologies to implement or build? Remix Institute has the answers to these questions because we’ve successfully built these infrastructures at both small and large enterprises.


Not all companies need a team of data scientists and engineers. Small to medium sized companies certainly don’t have a budget to develop in-house. Alternatively, big companies may find it easier to use their consulting and professional services budget to execute on some AI use-cases that their current teams cannot absorb and when their budgets don’t allow for hiring more people. We specialize in building machine learning models, putting them in production, and tracking their performance and ROI. All done rapidly and in an agile manner.


We offer several training options for clients. We train personnel to use software developed by us and provide in-person data science training for organizations. We also offer online courses.

Remix Institute’s courses are engaging, concise, and to-the-point with an emphasis on directly applying what you’ve learned to a real-world setting. Our innovative micro-course approach makes data science enjoyable and will help bridge the AI, data science, and analytics talent gap in the next decade.

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