About Us

Data Science Courses

Remix Institute uses easy-to-understand, practical hands-on tutorials to teach you topics about data science, statistics, machine learning, and AI using the programming languages R and Python. Our courses are different because they prepare you for real world scenarios.

R is a free software programming language for statistical modeling and analytics. Python is also free, open source, and used for machine learning modeling as well as for general purpose programming. R’s and Python’s popularity has surged in the past few years, and many employers are now seeking individuals who know how to program in R and Python.

Remix Institute’s courses are engaging, concise, and to-the-point with an emphasis on directly applying what you’ve learned to a real-world setting. Our innovative micro-course approach makes data science enjoyable and will help bridge the analytics talent gap in the next decade.

Machine Learning Apps and Services

We specialize in building machine learning models, putting them in production, and tracking their performance and ROI. All done rapidly and in an agile manner.

We design a strategic plan and vision for operationalizing data science.

We build web applications in Shiny that leverage statistical models and concise, beautiful visualizations, and we integrate machine learning models in Tableau, PowerBI, and other BI platforms. We also deploy machine learning models via APIs and Web Services via Microsoft Azure.

We are production-focused, product-focused, and ROI-focused. Above all, our models and products make money.

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