Data Science Courses

Remix Institute offers interactive data science and machine learning training to junior analysts, non-technical managers, and data professionals.

Our Sushi Courses are bit-sized, concise, interactive, and engaging courses to get you up and running on data science concepts quicklySushi Courses don’t make you take a semester at culinary school when all that’s needed is a 3-minute video on how to cook a recipe.

Our Elite Courses focus on teaching junior analysts, aspiring data scientists, “citizen data scientists”, and non-technical managers real world applications of data science (not computer programming fundamentals, elementary concepts, and theory.) Elite Courses are intensive workshops designed to prepare students for real world scenarios by using IBM’s CRISP-DM data science lifecycle, stakeholder evangelism strategies, live 1:1 video interviews, deploying machine learning models in production, and tracking model ROI.

Remix Institute also advises and teaches companies how to develop a strategic plan and vision for operationalizing data science in their organizations. This includes business use-case development (how to evangelize and get business leaders on board), technology stack recommendations (like R, Python, H2O, Microsoft Azure, PowerBI, Shiny, etc), and data science candidate selection/interviewing strategies.

Remyx Courses
Learn Data Science and AI for real world business. Our instructors have applied data science at tech startups, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 companies.
Enterprise Training + Workshops
Private, customized training for several employees. The training and workshops are designed to get you up to speed in Data Science quickly and efficiently.