Forecasting AI


Use AI to predict the future and monitor for anomalies

What if you could predict the future? Things like changes in market trends and dynamics, competitor actions, operational inefficiencies, daily cost increases, changes in customer sentiment, irregular cash flows, shifts in consumer demand, and changes in technology.

With Remix Institute’s AI technology, we built an AI robot that can predict the future and provides alerts to changes or anomalies. The founder of Remix Institute comes from a forecasting background and successfully implemented AI bots that solve these problems.

Companies want to be able to accurately forecast how many customers will be making purchases as well as the quantity and timing of those purchases. Not only that, they want the forecasts to be reliable, timely, and automated with a standard business process for updating them. Doing so allows companies to optimally allocate labor, resources, and capital.

Remix Institute’s AI technology is able to provide predictions and guidance on economic factors that impact your business. These forecasts can seamlessly integrate with your business operations and processes.

Remix Institute’s AI technology can ingest and connect to your sensor or IoT data and generate forecasts and anomaly detection models to alert you if something goes wrong, allowing you to take preventative action.