Hospitality and Revenue Management AI


Use AI to increase your revenue per available room (RevPAR)

Hotels and hospitality enterprises face more and more challenges every day. Some of the common are changes in market trends and dynamics, competitor pressure, operational inefficiencies, rising daily consumables costs, changes in guest expectations, irregular cash flows, losing loyal customers, changes in technology, and hotels not being data-driven.

Sounds overwhelming? Not with Remix Institute’s AI technology. It was built with these challenges in mind. The founders of Remix Institute even come from a hospitality background and successfully implemented AI initiatives there to overcome these hurdles and solve these problems.

Hotels and Revenue Management want to be able to accurately forecast how many guests will be staying at their property. Not only that, they want the forecasts to be reliable, timely, and automated with a standard business process for updating them. Doing so allows them to optimally price their room rates based on demand, increasing profits and maximizing guest satisfaction.

Many hotels have other amenities such as restaurants, bars, and retail shops. Being able to accurately predict how many patrons will be visiting these amenities and at what times allows for F&B managers and store managers to effectively allocate labor. Remix Institute’s AI technology uses best-in-class automated forecasting methods to accurately predict this data in an easy and timely manner.

Call Centers are notorious for operational inefficiencies. A lack of demand and call volume planning means not enough agents to handle the calls and longer average handle times, both of which drive down guest satisfaction and increase their likelihood of going to a competitor. Remix Institute’s AI technology solves these demand and call center forecasting challenges effortlessly with seamless integration to your hotel’s operations.

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