Our Team

Douglas Pestana | Data Scientist

Douglas Pestana is a Data Scientist, with over 9 years experience applying data science and machine learning to build CA$H-producing product recommenders, predictive models for marketing campaigns, and segmentation models for 360 customer personalization. His focus is on monetizing data science products, not just producing sexy visualizations and juicy insights. In his previous experience, Douglas has pioneered data science and machine learning at several Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies including PetSmart, Caesars Palace (NASDAQ:CZR), and Watsco (NYSE:WSO). He has a BA degree in Mathematics.



Adrian Antico | Data Scientist

Adrian Antico is a Data Scientist who has built a data science teams and executes on a variety of full-stack machine learning projects such as supply chain optimization and equipment anomaly detection. His focus is on building teams for success by working on high value / high visibility projects within a framework of pragmatism and parsimony. In his previous experience, Adrian has been a part of four other data science team start-ups at Machine Zone, PetSmart, Expeditors, and Caesars Entertainment. He has a BS in Actuarial Mathematics with minors in Finance, Economics, and Philosophy


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