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Remix Institute Membership offers access to exclusive courses and content not available to non-Members. But that’s not all! Our short, digestible, and bite-sized micro-courses (called Sushi Courses) teach you the top skills you need to know. We don’t waste your precious time on hours-long, drawn-out courses. We use Occam’s Razor and Pareto Optimality to teach you the 20% of knowledge needed to perform 80% of actions.

Plus, you’ll be learning from the best once you join our Network of business, data, and AI professionals on Discord. As a Member, you also get access to Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization services. You’ll be on your way to obtaining monetizable business opportunities and six-figure salaries with top employers in no time. 

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Elevate your skills and boost your business growth with exclusive access to cutting-edge AI education, resources, and expert support.

Data Science & AI Courses

Learn from beginner-friendly courses led by industry-leading AI instructors.

Peer-to-Peer Learning & Support

Connect with like-minded individuals in our exclusive Member Discord channel called The Network.

Regular News & Industry Updates

Be among the first to get the latest advancements and trends in the field of AI.

Resume Writing Services & Career Boost

Members get Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization services as well as priority access to new courses, content, workshops, webinars, and live Q&A sessions with AI experts.

Personalized Expert Guidance & Mentorship

Discuss your specific challenges, receive tailored advice, and accelerate your progress.

Boost To Your Business Growth

Leverage AI strategies to optimize your operations, gain market insights, and boost your bottom line.

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What our Members have to say

Elevate your skills and boost your business growth with exclusive access to cutting-edge AI education, resources, and expert support.

The content and resources shared in this channel have been invaluable to my efforts in staying abreast of the ever-evolving tech and market landscape. The insights I've gained from various perspectives on analytics have been truly enlightening, and the diverse community here fosters a rich exchange of ideas.

Moreover, the Remix Institute courses have been a game-changer for me. The content is not only cutting-edge but presented in a way that's accessible to both seasoned professionals and those new to the field of Data Science. The clarity and simplicity of the materials make it a standout resource for anyone looking to upskill in this domain.

Overall, I'm grateful for the depth of knowledge and the connections I've made through 'The Network.' It's been an instrumental part of my continuous learning journey.

Sapna Naga

Sapna Naga

Stádas Prestige Member

Mr. Davila-Pestana is a professional, helpful mentor of Remix Institute. He possesses profound knowledge in AI/ML and also has powerful practical abilities. Considering the price of a session, especially considering there exist multiple follow ups until he solved your question, the code review session is super worthwhile. I highly recommend the service from Remix Institute.

Yuheng Xiao

Yuheng Xiao

Stádas Prestige Member

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.

Time is the most valuable asset, and we maximize your invested time here. Our Membership provides exclusive access to live Q&A sessions, early content access, networking, resume writing and LinkedIn optimization services, career boosts, and a supportive Network beyond course materials.

There’s studies that prove AI improves human decision-making, productivity, and customer engagement for businesses. Remix Institute offers tailored AI solutions, consultations, mentorship, and training to help integrate AI effectively.

Our AI courses cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. No specific prerequisites are necessary for introductory courses. Some advanced courses may require basic programming or math knowledge.

We’d hate to see you go, but if you feel like you’ve grown as much as you can, we understand it may be time to say goodbye. You can cancel at anytime by going to your Member Dashboard.