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Business AI for SMB’s: A Management Take On The Challenges of Leveraging Data and AI for Sales Growth and Enhancing the Customer Experience (CX)

The modern business world is captivated by data science and analytics. It seems like in almost every enterprise there is talk of needing to bulk up the data science and…
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Why Machine Learning is more Practical than Econometrics in the Real World

Motivation I’ve read several studies and articles that claim Econometric models are still superior to machine learning when it comes to forecasting. In the article, “Statistical and Machine Learning forecasting methods:…
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Build Thousands of Automated Demand Forecasts in 15 Minutes Using AutoCatBoostCARMA in R

Over 20% of Amazon’s North American retail revenue can be attributed to customers who first tried to buy the product at a local store but found it out-of-stock, according to…
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Automate Your KPI Forecasts With Only 1 Line of R Code Using AutoTS

If you are having the following symptoms at your company when it comes to business KPI forecasting, then maybe you need to look at automated forecasting: Ugly Excel spreadsheets with…
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Companies Are Demanding Model Interpretability. Here’s How To Do It Right.

There are plenty of methods out there for machine learning model interpretability with fancy names but what is lacking in all of them?   ICE and Partial Dependence Plots in…
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The Easiest Way to Create Thresholds And Improve Your Classification Model

The Importance of Using Thresholds to Convert Predicted Probabilities into Class Labels You’d be surprised at how many data scientists don’t know how to turn their probabilities into class labels.…
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