LinkedIn Releases Their Report on the Top 25 Hottest Jobs in the US in 2024

Looking for a career change in 2024?

For those working as Data Scientists, we have breaking news: you are all AI Engineers now.

LinkedIn recently released their report on the top 25 fastest growing jobs in the US. 📈

LinkedIn’s Editor-In-Chief even did an interview about it on the Today Show.

In the interview, he showed:

1️⃣ Number 8 and Number 10 on the list are Artificial Intelligence Consultant and AI Engineer

2️⃣ $200K+ Yearly Salary (although that depends on what city you live in and how many years of experience you have)

3️⃣ 50% of AI Consultant and AI Engineer postings are remote or hybrid.

4️⃣ AI roles have an expected 20X growth by 2030.

LinkedIn’s Editor-In-Chief also said (falsely) that it’s a “new industry.” Well, that’s not true. It’s been around for decades. But it is true that it’s growing.

He also said (falsely) that “it’s not like there’s been people who’ve been around for like 20 years doing this who are experts at this. You can become an expert pretty quickly. You can take online courses.”

That also is not true. There’s many AI veterans who’ve been working in the industry for decades, including myself. It’s just been referred to by different names throughout the years. And Artificial Intelligence as a research field has been around since at least the 1950s. Humans have been thinking about Artificial Intelligence for centuries before that.

So it’s not like you can become an expert quickly and then expect to make $200K+ yearly. It takes time and effort. Taking online courses is not enough. You have to make sure you’re learning the right tools for AI Engineering, such as R, Julia, and OpenAI. You also need to practice what you learned on real world use cases and look for mentorships and a Network.

You can see the interview on the Today Show by clicking the link here.

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